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lived in Levittown, NY. got relocated to Wellington, FL. went to elementary, middle and high school with the same cool people. got accepted to college at UF, decided to go. Had a kick-ass roommate Meghan, Jonah was born!!! :) freshman year ended. went home, enlisted in the united states army reserve. went to basic combat training at Ft. Jackson, SC. got hurt. went to PTRP. discharged from the army, went home, had surgery, relaxed, hung out with a cool nephew who crawled faster than i walked with crutches. moved back up to Gainesville. started classes. wanted to move out of dorms. what was supposed to be my sophomore year ended. Moved into an awesome apartment, started bowling for the University, had some more surgery. Kate moved into my apt. I got bunkbeds. The school year ended and Kate moved out. Got a super fantastic job at the division of student affairs. Sort of, maybe, almost, but not really conquered my fear of rollercoasters. :) Finally got a driver's license! started my junior/senior year. Had even more surgery. Asher was born!!! :) Bowled for UF and traveled to Las Vegas, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Kentucky. Learned some DDR! Played a mean game of wheelchair basketball - for 2 semesters. Everyone else graduated. moved into a house for the summer where BBQs are GREAT! Getting ready to move in with 3 of my favorite people! Sleeping on their couch due to an unfortunate incident. LANCE!!!! Last year of school - bowling class with the coolest people ever!, swimming 2, first aid :) Interned with the kidney transplant program - watched some operations. Worked for the baseball team. Got accepted to the DPT program at Florida!!! Graduated from college with a BSHSE! Went to watch the CWS in Omaha! Lance! crashed Otto (the car) into a concrete wall. Spot Trucker=Toby!!! :) got Miles (the car) year one of 3 done! moving to the slums. Ran a marathon and a half on 4 days notice. Interned at Holmes Regional Medical Center. Year 2 of 3 done! Interned some more, this time at Pinecrest Rehab Hospital. Moved to SC for 8 weeks to intern at Ft. Jackson in their physical therapy dept. Life was different on an Army base as a civilian! Moved back home. Finished my last internship at Miami Children's Hospital. Ran another marathon and a half. Graduated as a Doctor! Miriam was born!!! :) Took a really expensive test and became licensed in the state of Florida as a real-life Physical Therapist. Accepted a job at Pinecrest. Rented a room in John's house to move out of my parents'. Started dating John. Ziggy/Caleb was born!!! :) Ran my third (and possibly last) marathon and a half. Realized I am the luckiest girl in the world! :) Life doesn't get much better than this :)